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Bed and Breakfast Imperia

Bed and breakfast Imperia – Il Filo di Arianna

Il bed and breakfast Il filo di Arianna è situato ad Imperia, nella Riviera dei Fiori, l’ultimo lembo di Liguria al confine con la Francia, nasce dalla fusione di 11 borghi, di cui i più grandi sono Oneglia e Porto Maurizio.
Bed and breakfast il filo di Arianna is located in Imperia, in the Riviera dei Fiori, the last flap of Liguria on the border with France, is the result of the fusion of 11 villages, of which the largest are Oneglia and Porto Maurizio.

The territory is a continuous surprise, rich in art, culture and events in the lively coastal cities and medieval villages of the inland. An enchanting palette of flavors, scents and colors.
From Cervo, passing through Sanremo, Ventimiglia, Capo Mimosa to the Red Balzi, holiday means beach, umbrella and days spent basking in the sun, but not only.

The Ligurian Ponente is all to discover, from the coast, where blue flags flutter for beaches and tourist destinations, to enter the valleys, from a fascinating landscape.

… and the Côte d’Azur is a short walk away …